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Back-Off Magazine, Volume 1, Number 5
“Get the Point; Your Piercing Questions Answered by Cliff Cadaver – The Thirteen Most Often Asked Body Piercing Questions”
In the Flesh, Number One – A Hole New Magazine
“Red Devil Studios, Cliff Cadaver”
In the Flesh, Number One – A Hole New Magazine
“The Pierced Penis; Sexual Supremacy, or Mutilation?”
Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review #31
“How to Make a Monster” 
Body Art, Issue 23
“Sex, Drugs, and Love Beads”
Hustler, October 1994
“Penile Love Beads; Ancient Japanese Secret No More”
Tattoo Savage, Number 7
“Cadaver’s Commandment #666; Apprentice to Perfection”
Penthouse, June 1996
Janine Lindmulder of “Blondage”
gives tongue piercing credit
In the Flesh, #5
“The Nasallang and Bobby Brady”
In the Flesh, #7
“Brave New Implant”
Tear, Premiere Issue
"Meet Me at Upgrade"


Hellraiser: Inferno

Television (Incomplete List)

Hollywood Sex
Fear Factor


UCLA 530 AM “Trash Culture”
KNAC Pure Rock 105.5
“Morning Show with Mike Stark”


Body Modification E-zine
“Cadaver Chronicles”

Video Games

Skin: The Virtual Tattoo